Yoga Teacher Training Financial Aid

If you look hard enough, you can find financial aid for almost any endeavor you hope to pursue.  Even if you’re looking at a field that’s a little unusual, like training to be a yoga teacher, there are resources available to you.  Yoga teacher training financial aid comes in several forms, though you may find that some methods of yoga teacher education are easier to finance than others.

Here are a few tips for finding yoga teacher training financial aid.

  • Contact the school. Yoga schools are often the first place to go to look for yoga teacher training financial aid.  They may have grants, sponsorships, scholarships, or teaching assistant programs, where you teach beginner classes for free in exchange for your tuition in advanced classes.  Several yoga schools have extensive funding for scholarships, so always make sure to ask.
  • Enter a program. If you are enrolled in a structured, formal program, or a program endorsed by the Gateway Group or the Yoga Alliance, you may be eligible for yoga teacher training financial aid from the government.  Unfortunately, many yoga teacher training programs are informal, involving teachers or gurus passing the craft on to students.  However, in a more structured program, you may be eligible for a grant or loan for post-graduate study.
  • Think of it as a business. If you are hoping to start a business by teaching yoga, make teacher training part of your business plan.  That way, when you get your start-up financed, you can use those funds as yoga teacher training financial aid.
  • Look into vocational rehabilitation grants.  These grants are available for those who have lost their jobs, been laid off, or whose jobs are becoming obsolete, to help them get training to change careers.  If you have a plan for a new career, you may qualify for yoga teacher training financial aid.
  • Yoga by any other name… There are programs of study that aren’t called “yoga teacher training,” but that include yoga and yoga-friendly practices. Look into training for fitness instructors, personal trainers, stress reduction guide or lifestyle coach or alternative medicine practitioner.

Yoga can be an important part of people’s lives, including helping with stress reduction and physical fitness.  Anyone wanting to become a yoga teacher should make the effort to search out yoga teacher training financial aid, so that they can help people find these important qualities in their lives.

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