Tips for Finding Job Opportunities for Convicted Felons

Thanks to the problems with the economy, jobs are hard to find and this includes job opportunities for convicted felon.  A good way for someone who has been convicted of a felony to find job opportunities for convicted felon is to get in contact with the employment office of their state.  Each of the states has a different name but the services are very similar for each of the states. They have countless numbers of jobs in the database and they should have the ability to find an employment opportunity for felons.

All of the employment offices run by the government have websites where they also list the job opportunities for convicted felons and people who are looking for jobs also are able to post their resume there or fill out applications. But this isn’t a good way to do it since the person isn’t going to know whether they are applying for jobs for companies that are willing to give ex felons employment or not.

The best idea is to visit or call the office and let them know about the situation so that they can specifically look for the jobs with employers who are willing to hire felons. It’s important to be honest when talking to the representative.  Over 600K people are released from the federal and state prisons each year so you are not going to tell them anything that they will find shocking. There is going to be a minimum of one person who is familiar with the people who hire felons.

Even though most of the ex felon job opportunities are not going to be the best jobs in the world, it’s a good starting off point. Although it’s not likely to be a dream job, it shows that the person is willing to work.

It’s important to know that the job hunt is going to be very frustrating and a lot of felons feel like they want to stop searching. Unfortunately, that is not going to get them anywhere.  There is always jobs that are available for people who are willing to work. They may not be the best job and they may not be the job that the person wants to have, it’s getting them back into society and showing that they are willing to work. This in itself is going to show future employers that you are getting yourself back into society and that you want to have an honest life.  This is something is important for someone who is an ex felon.

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