Technology Grants for Education

Nobody questions that technological advances have forever altered the way we live these days. In just a few short years, new technology has been developed that reduced our workload, improved our ability to communicate quickly, and even increased our entertainment options. With this rapid advancement in technology comes an increased interest to learn and develop new technologies. In this day and age of grants for hundreds of reasons and causes, it stands to reason there would be quite a few grants for technology projects. The main trick is finding the right one for the right project.

  • Technology Grant News. An annual subscription of this quarterly publication will keep you informed of new technology funding. They have a variety of grant indexes tailored to the needs of the organization needing funding. For example:

    • K-12 Technology Grants (School technology grants including grants for classroom technology, technology grants for youth and technology grants for teachers)

    • Libraries & Museums Grants (including grants for women in technology)

    • Science Education Grants (including assistive technology grants)

    • Educational Technology Grants (including technology grants for education and technology grants for schools)

    • Non Profit Grants (for 501(3) classified organizations)

    • Corporate Grants (grants by Corporate funders)

  • Regional/State Programs. Programs that work to fund programs in a specific state, county or community to promote the need for innovative technology in places such as the classroom and local industry. For example,

    • Foundation for Rural Education and Development (FRED) was created in 1989 to improve the educational, social and economic conditions of rural areas. One of their programs is the Technology Grants for Rural Schools program which strives to bring modern computers and Internet to all classrooms.

  • Corporate Programs. A number of corporations have foundations and programs in which technology grants are awarded. For example,

    • Verizon Foundation – offers scholarships to attend technology training classes.

    • Best Buy. Their Teach@15 Award program helps schools from grades 7-12 meet their technology needs. Additionally, the Best Buy Children’s Foundation supports programs that use technology to make learning fun and engaging.

    • Intel Foundation. Their Education PC Program allows schools to purchase educational computers at discounted prices.

    • Medtronic, Inc. Their foundation’s goal is to accelerate scientific innovation through post-secondary programs.

Clearly both government and industry recognize mankind’s thirst for technology. With grants paving the way, nothing seems beyond our imagination as new technology bursts on the scene daily.

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