Target Field Trip Grants

Few among us does not remember going on a field trip with their classmates. For some people it was their first opportunity to see something outside of their immediate neighborhood. For others it was a trip repeated many times and perhaps a bit boring but better than a day inside the class room. Whether your memory is extra special or just mediocre, I am sure you would agree that you are glad you had the opportunity. Sadly, however, field trips are becoming nearly a thing of the past. With liability concerns, logistics and budget cuts, many schools have had to cut back on field trips.

Thankfully, one company has seen the need to keep field trips alive. Target Corporation has always had a commitment to serving communities, especially in the area of education. They give 5% of their income to communities – over $3 million per week!

While you may have heard of Target’s efforts in reading with their early childhood reading grants, and in arts with their arts grants, what you may not have known about is the Target Field Trip Grants Program which began in 2006. Each year they award grants to teachers throughout the United States to enable them to take their students on a field trip. To date, over 700,000 students have gone on field trips thanks to Target Field Trip Grants.

Target takes applications each year between August and November (dates vary each year) for grants to be awarded the following January. Begin the process by opening an account in Target’s Education Program. Before applying for the grant, read the eligibility requirements. If your school meets all the qualifications, such as having tax exempt status, then complete the application. You will need to state precisely how the grant money will be used and how it will help the students. Note that trips must be scheduled during the school day rather than after school. In January you will find out if you are one of the schools chosen to receive a grant.

Target receives approximately 25,000 applications and awards approximately 5,000 grants – thus it is evident that a well written grant application is imperative to improving your chances of getting an award for your school.

Field trips are a useful tool for teachers. A hands-on experience can increase a student’s comprehension of subject matter, make them aware of current societal concerns, create lasting and sometimes life-changing memories, and form a bond with teachers and other students that will carry them into adulthood. No student should lose this experience due to budget constraints, so it is wonderful that Target Field Trip Grants can make a field trip possible for so many each year.

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