State Grant Opportunities

Many people, when they are seeking grants for their endeavors, look at national resources such as the federal government or major foundations. Many grants, however, are much more local. Some grants, for example, are given through the state. You can get almost any kind of grant at the state level that you can get at higher levels.

  • Educational Grants. offers an extensive list of grants offered to students by states. It includes links to every state and its educational resources for those in financial need, minorities, those with good GPA’s, women, and people seeking work in underserved geographical areas or in areas where there is a need for more people.

  • Business grants. The website can connect you to business grants state by state. Some of these come through the Small Business Administration. There are very few grants that come directly to the business owner from the federal government; most business grants go to the state, specifically to the SBA. Through your state’s SBA, you can qualify for grants for different aspects of starting or maintaining your business.

  • Research grants. There are literally thousands of grants available in every state to people who want to take on a research project. You can get a grant for any field of academic research, especially if you are studying for your master’s or doctorate. If you are in the medical field, you can get grants for developing new treatments or improving old ones. You can get grants to conduct trials at hospitals or facilities within your state. You can get state funding for environmental research, science, sociological, economic, or any area where you’re interested in conducting research in your state. One place among many to begin is with the USDA, which offers many state-by-state grants for research in different scientific areas.

  • Other possible grants. Of course, this doesn’t come close to exhausting the possible grants you can get from your state. FEMA offers homeland security grants for security projects in indiviudal states, the Commonwealth Fund offers state grants to study healthcare in America, there are state grants for the use of technology in education, library grants, fire safety grants, and so many others.

State grants are easier to get and in many cases, the people awarding the grants care about the same things you care about. Even more than the federal government or major foundations, state and local grants are there to fund the things that matter most to you.

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