SMU Financial Aid for Hispanics

Southern Methodist University in Dallas was founded in 1911 by the Methodist Episcopal Church, South.  Since it’s in the heart of Texas, it pays special attention to the needs of the Hispanic community. SMU financial aid for Hispanics includes the usual sources available to all students, but it also includes scholarships and grants set aside specifically for members of the SMU Hispanic community.

Some of the SMU financial aid for Hispanics includes:

  • The Judith L. Weidman Racial Ethnic Minority (REM) Fellowship. For a recent seminary or college graduate in media, communications, or public relations.  The recipient must be a United Methodist, and they prefer people planning to enter communications within the Methodist Church. This award is for $30,000 in addition to benefits to fund a communications position.
  • HANA (Hispanic, Asian, Native American) Program. The person of one of the approved ethnic groups must be a united Methodist with career goals relating to leadership within the Methodist church and empowerment of their ethnic community. The amount of the award varies.
  • Olympia Brown and Max Kapp Awards. This is an award for students entering the ministry in the Methodist Church.  Applicants will be expected to submit a paper or sermon for a reader to consider to qualify for a grant of $2500.
  • Hispanic Scholarship Funds. These funds, usually $500, are given to a Hispanic member of the American Baptist Church, and are available to students pursuing an undergraduate, graduate, or professional seminary degree.
  • Reverend John W. Elliott Sr. Ministerial Scholarship Award. This scholarship is for Asian, Black, Native American , or Hispanic students who are active members of the united Methodist Church in Texas.  The student could receive $1000 for displaying the amazing leadership traits of the Rev. Elliott, including social justice and spiritual leadership.
  • Hispanic Theological Initiative (HTI). This award of $13,000 for doctoral students or $16,000 for those in their dissertation year is for students pursuing doctorates in religion, theology, or the sociology of religion, and committed to serving the Latino faith community.
  • Hispanic General Scholarship Fund. This SMU financial aid for Hispanics is available to US citizens or legal residents of Hispanic heritage with a GPA of 3.0 or higher.  It is awarded for $1000 to $5000.

This is only some of the SMU financial aid for Hispanics.  To see everything SMU offers, contact their financial aid office.

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