Scottish Clan Scholarships

A lot of people in America are able to claim that they are of Scottish descent, and this includes some of those who founded the country and a lot of those who were pioneers and settlers, and that is why there are quite a few Scottish clan scholarships. The ones that are found below are the Scottish clan scholarships that a lot of people are able to use to help them fund their college.  If someone is of Scottish descent, these scholarships are available to them.

Scholarships from the Saint Andrew’s Society

The first of the Scottish clan scholarships is through this society.This society has chapters across the United States, including chapters in Tennessee, Connecticut, Washington, Dc, Colorado, Illinois, and New York. Each of the organizations awards some scholarships to those students who are Scottish-American and who want to go and study in Scotland.  Here’s the link to the website to find out more information –

Dr. Edward May Magruder Medical Scholarship

The scholarship through this is for American Clan Gregor Society members, clan descendants, or any other person that is a descendant of someone Scottish. It’s awarded each year to one student who attends University of Virginia.  There is more information through sending an email here:

Harry and Edith Blunt Scholarships

These third of the scottish clan scholarships are for the American Clan Gregor Society members.  Members who are adults as well as minor children are able to apply by sending the acceptance letter to college, transcripts, and educational plans.

San Diego-Edinburgh Sister City Scholarship

This scholarship is one that’s awarded to seniors in high school who come from Scottish descent and who have at least a 3.0 GPA.

These are three of the Scottish clan scholarships that those who have Scottish parents and grandparents and who have Scottish descendants.  Scottish people have a long and proud heritage and it’s good to know that there are scholarships that help them to go to college and to continue the great work that their ancestors did before them.

If you are of Scottish descent and you are looking for college scholarships you can look into one of the ones that are listed above but you can also check with Scottish societies that you may belong to.  Take some time and do your research and chances are that you are going to find a scholarship that is going to suit your needs and help with paying for college.


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