Scholarships on Doctorate Degrees in Architecture

Even though when you look at the prices of higher education these days with architecture these days, there are scholarships on doctorate degrees in architecture that can help with paying.  Here are some of the places that you can turn to for scholarships on doctorate degrees in architecture that can offer a lot of help with paying for the courses that are needed.

Architects League of Northern New Jersey

This is a good place to go for scholarships on doctorate degrees in architecture, since it offers the scholarships to those who live in Northern Jersey and who taking the major of architecture at an accredited school. For those who are enrolled in architecture doctorate programs, there is something called the Architects League Scholastic Achievement Award which is given out annually.  This is given to both graduate as well as undergraduate students who show scholastic excellence in the field of architectural design.  The amounts are going to vary at the awarding committee’s discretion and if a student is given a scholarship, the money is sent right to the institution. To find out more about this foundation, visit their website at

McGill University

This very reputable school in Montreal offers scholarships on doctorate degrees in architecture, and two of these are the Provost’s Graduate Fellowship and the Major Recruitment Fellowship.  The first one is awarded to the students who are high caliber and who are entering the Ph.D. or M.Arch. programs, and it has had a value of $50,000 in the past. The second one has a value of $25,000 and it’s renewable based on progress that is satisfactory and it goes for a tenure maximum of three years at the level of doctorate.  There is more information at the school’s website at

University of Nebraska

There are scholarships on doctorate degrees in architecture that are offered by the University of Nebraska. The financial aid office has scholarships that are available for those doctoral or graduate students who have a GPA of at least 3.0 cumulatively and has the best character which shows the best of the profession.  For more information about the scholarship, you can go to the website at

These are three places that you can go to find scholarships on doctorate degrees in architecture. They are going to help you to pay for the education that you want and make it a lot less burdensome on your wallet and your bank account.  Architecture school doesn’t have to be expensive when you know where to look.

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