Scholarships in the United States

When someone is looking into the scholarships in the United States, they are going to find that there are different kinds of scholarships that you can get for helping to pay for college. Below are the different kinds of scholarships in the United States that students are able to apply for.

Merit Scholarships

The first kind scholarships in the United States are merit scholarships. These are scholarships that are awarded based on the merit of a student. These are often given to students who are very good students and have been given other awards. One of the examples is the National Merit Scholarship, and more information can be found here:

Need Based

The second kind of scholarships in the United States are need based. These scholarships are created for the people who would not be able to go to college without being awarded a scholarship.  People who are given a need based scholarship have to be able to prove their financial need and they have to fill out a FASFA form. There is more information about this form found at their website here:


The third kind of scholarship in the United States is based on race.  There are scholarships specifically for African Americans, Native Americans, and Hispanic students. One of the best known for this kind of scholarship is the United Negro College Fund and their website is found here:


The fourth kind of scholarship that students can find in the U. S. is the scholarship which is based on their area of study. A lot of schools and organizations offer scholarships that are based on what kind of things that students are going to be studying when they are at school.  No matter what area of study a student is going after, chances are that there is a scholarship that can help them to fund their education.

Along with the ones that are listed above, there are also scholarships that are available in the United States for other things, such as gender, sexual orientation, or disability.  The point is that if you want to go to college, chances are there are scholarships in the United States that will help you in some way. Take a look at the different scholarships and see what you might be able to qualify for. You may just find that college is more affordable than you thought it was.


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