Scholarships for Missionary Kids

Missionaries have a lot on their plate – they often live all over the world and they often do not  have a lot of money, counting on their churches to help them with their support. So that is why scholarships for missionary kids are something that they count on so that they are able to get the education that they want.  One of the best places to go for scholarships for missionary kids is the Christian Missionary Scholarship foundation.

Here is some of the information about the scholarships for missionary kids.

More than 200 scholarships for missionary kids have been given to the kids every year by CMSF.

The first thing that students have to know is that they have to attend one of the following six colleges:

  • Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan
  • Dortdt College in Sioux Center, Iowa
  • Hope College in Holland, Michigan
  • Kuvper College in Grand Rapids, Michigan
  • Trinity Christian College in Palos Heights, Illinois
  • Wheaton College in Wheaton, Illinois

Here are some other important points to know:

  • Those students that are eligible for these scholarships are either currently children of missionaries or recently have come back from the mission field somewhere other than their home country.  Their family also must have made some really significant sacrifices financially for serving the Lord.
  • The awards that are given very in the amount and they can be given for a college education of four years.  If the graduate goes to medical school they may be eligible to get more help.
  • Students who get an award can study any academic program or major.
  • The recipients of scholarships have to earn one half of expense of their board and room, maintain a GPA that is reasonable, and live a Christian life that is faithful.
  • Students from certain colleges are going to attend a scholarship banquet annually where they’ll be able to meet with other recipients of the scholarship as well as CMS foundation staff members
  • For fall term, the application deadline is February 15 and the notices of award are sent no later than April 1st.

For those who are missionary kids and who are interested in going to college, this foundation is a true God send for them and their parents.  To find out more information about this wonderful foundation and what is required to get one of their scholarships for missionary kids, please visit their website at


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