Scholarships for Master’s Degrees

For those who are of Hispanic descent and who are pursuing a master’s degree, there are scholarships for masters degrees that can help them with getting their Master’s without having to worry a lot about money. Here are some of the scholarships for master’s degrees for those of Hispanic descent.


This first of the scholarships for masters degrees is offered to high school seniors, graduate, undergraduates and those who have completed the coursework from a community college.  Those who qualify are those who are citizens of the United States or else a permanent resident with a Hispanic background.  It’s also required that the person is attending a university or college that’s accredited.  Those who qualify are going to be chosen by leadership abilities, academic accomplishments, and personal strengths. Find out more at

Those students that are located in Mexico, U.S., and Puerto Rico are eligible for this one of the scholarships for master’s degrees. It can be used for studying at HACU, which is in Mexico and is the member institution or it can be used abroad. Those who are undergraduates and going full time or part time have to have a GPA that’s cumulatively 3.2 or more.  They also have to be enlisted at either a HACU member or one of the universities that is affiliated with it.
Scholarship Program Through the NSHMBA

Those Hispanic students who are full time, who have financial need, and who have a GPA of 3.0 may find that they qualify for this last one of the scholarships for masters degrees for Hispanic students. The amounts of the money go from $2,500 – $10,000 as of this January and the awards are renewable for as much as a year or until the coursework for the master’s degree is complete. But it’s required that the applicant maintain membership as well as remain active in the objectives and mission of the organization.

Anyone who has gotten a master’s degree knows how expensive it is, and sometimes it’s even harder for those who are of a minority race to find the funds to get there. But with the three examples of scholarships for masters degrees for Hispanic students, they will see that they can get their master’s degree.  All they have to do is to look in the places that offer the scholarships and make sure they’re doing what they have to do to qualify for the scholarship.

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