Scholarships for Exchange Students

There’s a lot of high school students that long for the opportunity to get into the exchange student program but it can be really expensive. The good news is that there are scholarships for exchange students that can help with the cost. Here are some of the places that scholarships for exchange students can be found to help with paying for the exchange student program.

Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange Program

This first place that you can find scholarships for exchange students is for the students who want to live and go to school with a family in Germany. Over 250 scholarships are given out each year. The students that are chosen are matched up with their host families as well as enrolled in the public schools. The application is found on the website found here: and the programs for orientation happen in Washington, D. C.

Youth Writing Scholarship Through AYUSA


The second of the places that you can find scholarships for exchange students is here.  For consideration, students have to write essays.  Those that are selected then have to write about the experiences they have as well as share the experiences with other students who are thinking of doing this. Information can be read on the website at

AYUSA Host Family Scholarship


This is something a little different from the other scholarships for exchange students. This is a scholarship for the students in high school who have a family that have hosted exchange students within the past two years.  This scholarship for $500 is awarded each year.

Global Leaders Scholarships

These scholarships for exchange students vary in size depending on the student’s academic qualifications as well as their financial need. The average amount that is based on merit is $600 and the average amount based on need is $2,700. In order to receive one of these scholarships, students must be accepted as well as paid a deposit. The awards are usually the highest in the month of July, when the initial applications for that scholastic year are being processed. To find out more, you can visit the website at

These are four places that scholarships for exchange students can be found.  Becoming an exchange student is a wonderful opportunity for any student and if someone has the chance to do it, he or she should take it.  These scholarships for exchange students can help the prospect be more affordable.


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