Scholarships for Aviation Schools

People are looking for different ways to make money and some people decide that they want to go to aviation school, but it can be really expensive. A really good way for people who want to become a pilot are scholarships for aviation schools. There are several good scholarships for aviation schools that they can choose from that are going to help them to pay for aviation school, and they are listed below

Aviation Insurance Association Scholarship

This association offers one of the scholarships for aviation schools to those who are looking for degrees that relate to aviation.  Every year there’s a scholarship that’s offered for $5,000 to one student that’s going to help with the financial burden. Those who are interested in applying have to be enrolled in a program that’s undergraduate and have to be attending an institution that is a member of the association.  There must be a minimum of 45 credits completed and 15 of those credits have to be in courses related to aviation. There is more pertinent information that can be found at the website of the association, found here:


Women in Aviation International

This organization offers different scholarships to those students who are interested in aerospace engineering, aviation maintenance, aircraft dispatching, aviation management, and flight training along with some general scholarships available to students who are in fields that are related to aviation.  Those who apply for the scholarships have to be a member(both women and men are welcome) and they can’t apply for more than two scholarships at once. They should submit with their application a resume, aviation related or medical certifications, and three recommendation letters,  it’s also required that the person submits an essay which should include the student’s future plans and goals, their aviation history, how they’re going to use the scholarship, and activities. More information can be found here

Air Traffic Control Association

This association has scholarships for aviation schools for those students who want to pursue a good career in either air traffic control and other careers that are related to aviation. There are a total of four scholarships that are available.  More information about the association and the scholarships that it offers can be found at the website at

For those who are looking for scholarships for aviation schools, these are three good places that they can start.  Aviation school can be expensive, but when there are scholarships like the ones listed above, it’s much more affordable


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