Scholarships for African American Christians

There are a lot more African Americans who are planning to go to seminary, and therefore the need for scholarships for african american christians has increased.  For those who are interested in finding scholarships for african american christians, here are some of the ones that they might be interested in below. These are going to help with paying for tuition as well as other college costs.

African-American Scholarship Fund

This fund was established to help those African American students who are deserving and who are planning to go onto college. Those who are eligible are black women and men who are interested in being a part of Christian service as well as getting a college degree. They will need a reference from the following: a member of staff, the student’s pastor, and an advisor.  You can find out more information here

Michelle Jackson Scholarship

Those students who are female and are seminary students are eligible for this scholarship. It’s named for a woman who suddenly died after getting a Master of Divinity degree. It was established for providing financial help to Disciples women who are African American and who are pursuing this kind of degree. In addition, the women who are applying for this scholarship need to be a leader in the church as well as being spiritually charismatic.

Star Supporter Loan/Scholarship

Those Disciples students who are going to seminary and who are African American, and are working towards become an ordained pastor are eligible for this scholarship. It provides some financial help for the seminary training for those future pastors who are African American.  The minimum value of this award is $2,000 and it varies in amount.

Minority Scholarship From Burr/Martens

This third of the scholarships for african american christians is through Fuller Theological Seminary is one of over 60 scholarships that they offer to students, one of which is this one.  It’s specifically for those who are African American seminary students attending Fuller Theological Seminary, and they have to be at least the age of 30 as well as pursuing a ministry career.

These four examples of scholarships for african american christians really help African Americans to get the kind of seminary training that they want to have.  These scholarships for african american christians help them get the education so that they are able to help their fellow man and serve the Lord as they really want to do.


2 Responses to “Scholarships for African American Christians”

  1. Grace B.Simmons Says:

    Would like a scholarship to attend seminary. My call is to make disciples through teaching His word.

    Thank you in advance.

    In His Service,
    Grace B. Simmons, Ph.D.

  2. Sandra Iglehart Says:

    I just retired from 38 years in education (teacher). I have been accepted at the American Baptist Seminary of the West in Berkeley CA. I will be pursuing a Maters of Arts Degree in Worship Ministry. I need scholarships to help defray the cost of this new career path. Blessings Sandra Iglehart

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