Scholarships and Grants for Adopted Children

From the larger organizations to the smaller initiatives, there’s a lot of resources that are available for children who are adopted and who want to go to college, and these include scholarships and grants for adopted children. Even though the ones that are below are not solely for children who are adopted, they are going to help with paying for college.

The American Legion Legacy Scholarship

This first of the scholarships and grants for adopted children is something that’s intended for biological as well as adopted children of those who have been in the military and that were killed after 9/11 or while on duty. For eligibility, the students have to be either seniors in high school or those who’ve graduated and are planning to further their education at an accredited institution.  They have to also complete an application that’s going to include some sections regarding financial standing as well as academic activities and achievements. It’s also required that they attach a copy of the birth certificate of their deceased parent.  There is more information here:

College Tuition Waivers

This second of the scholarships and grants for adopted children is a bit different. Although it doesn’t’ happen all over the country, there’s states that provide waivers for tuition for those students that have been adopted as well as those who have been in foster care. The different states are going to be different ont the requirements, but it’s information that’s often able to be found on the education departments of the state.  Even though a lot of the scholarships are just for colleges in-state, it can be for as much as full tuition or as much as $10,000 or more.

Scholarship Program of Orphan Foundation of America

This final one of the scholarships and grants for adopted children is geared towards those students who were adopted or were in foster care. It offers funds for them to pursue higher education. For consideration, students have to complete an application online along with those supplemental materials that are going to be sent through email after the student submits the form.  They also have to submit things such as copies of: papers of legal guardianship, adoption papers, or verification of their time that was spent in foster care.  There is more information found at this website

These are three good examples of scholarships and grants for adopted children that can help them make their dreams come true.


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  1. Debra Dyer Says:

    I have twin boys graduating this year. They
    both have 26 on their act. They were 2nd and
    3rd in their class. It is a small christian
    school without a couselor. My husband passed
    away Jan 12, 2011. Because I was so busy with
    him while he was sick then with getting everything done after his death we didn’t get
    any scholarships applied for the boys. Do you
    have any direction for me to go? I am unable finicially to send them to college.

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