Scholarship Foundations for Women

Most people know that education is one of the keys to success and a lot of women are going back to college, but they don’t have the means to do it. That is why scholarship foundations for women are so important. There are four different types of scholarship foundations for women that can help women to get the education that they need. Here are the four types and some examples of the foundations.

Age Restricted

The first type of scholarship foundations for women  is the age restricted, that is the foundations that only offer scholarships to those women of a certain age.  An example is the Rankin Foundation, which is a foundation that offers scholarships to women who have low income and are 35 or older.  Another one is AARP, which offers scholarships to women over 40 who have financial need.

Special Needs

The second type of scholarship foundations for women is the ones who offer scholarships to women with special needs. An example of this is the ELA.  To qualify for this, a woman has to prove their disability and also be in an accredited school and earning her graduate degree.  Another one is the National Hemophilia Foundation’s Victory for Women with Bleeding Disorders which offers scholarships to those women who have bleeding disorders.

Race and Religion

The third type of scholarship foundations for women is the one that is based on religion or race. An example of this would be the Association for Women Geoscientists which offers scholarships to the minority women who are in certain eastern states. Another one is the scholarship that is offered by the Evangelical Lutheran Church, which women who are members of this kind of church can apply for if they’re interested in pursuing leadership careers.

Specialized Studies

This fourth type of scholarship foundations for women is based on the specialized studies. An example would be Google’s Anita Borg Memorial Scholarship that’s offered to women who are going after a technology education. It includes a wonderful scholarship retreat.  There’s another scholarship which is available to women that are looking for a national security or defense career which is available through the organization known as Women in Defense.

These four types of scholarship foundations for women are the ones that a lot of women are going to be divided into, but they are not the only types.  If you don’t qualify for one of them, keep looking and you’ll find one that you can use.

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