Scholarship for Private School Tuition

Although public high school is there for all students, there are parents who decide that they want to send their students to private school. Unfortunately this can be expensive, and that is why parents look for a scholarship for private school tuition. Here are some of the places where parents might be able to get a scholarship for private school tuition.

Scholarship Fund for Inner-City Children

This organization that offers a scholarship for private school tuition is based in New Jersey and it’s nonprofit.  It provides parochial and private school scholarships for students in high school that are in New Jersey and attending the inner city schools. Foundations, individuals, and corporations give the funding to the organization and these scholarships are based on need. The website for this organization is

Inner-City Scholarship Fund

This second place that offers a scholarship for private school tuition is something that’s a partnership between certain Catholic schools located in NYC and donors, and it provides the funding for those students who come from families who have low income so those students can attend the Catholic schools. Students who are in high school are put in a program that is going to match them with a donor to sponsor the education. There are other programs that students can use, like a program that helps with finding jobs for juniors in high school. There is more information at

Daniel Murphy Scholarship Fund

This place which offers a scholarship for private school tuition provides tuition for a four year prep school for those who are in 8th grade and are economically-disadvantaged in the city of Chicago.  There are also tools that the students have access to like mentoring, workshops, sports programs, college counseling, tutoring, programs for study abroad, and internships.  The fund’s website is found at

Scholarship Fund Through Independent Institute

This scholarship fund will pay either ¾ of the tuition of a student annually or $1,500, whichever amount is lower.  The private school has to be certified and located in either Alameda or Contra Costa counties of California.  The scholarships are given to the students either on merit or on need, and the students that get the scholarship have to both reapply as well as requalify every year. There’s more information here:

Going to a private school doesn’t have to be expensive when you get a scholarship for private school tuition. Remember the four places listed above and you’ll find that you might be able to get one for your child.


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