Robert C Byrd Honors Scholarship

The robert c byrd honors scholarship is funded by the government and administered through the state, but it’s designed for recognizing the seniors in high school who are showing that they could do really well in education that is post secondary. There are funds from the federal government that are awarded to education agencies in the state, who then awards scholarships to those applicants who are eligible.   Here is an overview of the robert c byrd honors scholarship.

Those who are eligible are the students that have graduated from high school and who’ve been accepted at a college or university, who have had outstanding achievements in academics, and who are showing promise of excellence which will continue in their educational pursuits. The students have to apply to those states where they live. The grant funds that are provided to the states based on a formula.

Eligible applicants, during the same year when they need the scholarship have to do the following:

  • graduate from either a private or public secondary school or gotten their GED
  • be legally a resident of that state where she or he applies,
  • be either a national or a citizen of the U. S. or
  • provide proof that they are a permanent resident
  • either been accepted or applied to a college or university
  • show that she or he hasn’t defaulted on a student loan from the government or some other loan
  • file with the chosen school a Statement of Selective Service Registration Status

It should be mentioned that students who attend military school can’t get this scholarship.

In August of 2008, the eligibility requirements were changed to allow those who were home schooled to be eligible to apply.

If you think that you might be able to qualify for the robert c byrd honors scholarship, it’s a good idea to meet with your guidance counselor at your high school and find out whether or not this is a scholarship that you might be able to get.  If you are interested in learning more about the robert c byrd honors scholarship, you can go to the government’s website found here and you can find out more information about the scholarship, along with other scholarships that you might be interested in.

No one should have to skip college because they are unable to pay for it when there are so many scholarships available.


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