Registered Nursing Scholarships

Those who are interested in pursuing the career path of registered nurse have several options for getting their training, but most of them are expensive and that is why there are options for registered nursing scholarships.  For those who want to become a registered nurse and don’t have the money for the education, the registered nursing scholarships are what can make their dream possible. Here are some of the registered nursing scholarships that are available.

DAR Nursing Scholarships

The group that issues the registered nursing scholarships considers the applicants for their two registered nursing scholarships based on their eligibility. The first of the two scholarships is the Caroline E. Holt Nursing Scholarship and the second is the Mildred Nutting Nursing Scholarship. For the latter scholarship, those who are in the area of Lowell, Massachusetts are going to get first consideration. Each of the awards is $1,000 and it’s intended for those who are in financial aid. In order to apply, the students have to submit a DAR chapter sponsorship. For more information, go here:

Nursing Scholarship Through HRSA

This program that is sponsored by the HRSA has a goal to bring the registered nurses that are qualified to those areas that do not have enough professionals in the health care field.  The registered nursing scholarships are awarded based on the financial need of the applicant that hasn’t been met, and it covers the major expenses of education and also provides a stipend for living. There’s a requirement for clinical service that the recipient has to complete after they graduate.  Things like federal tax liens or another service commitment will disqualify the candidate. There is more information at the website found here:

HPEF Nursing Scholarships

There are registered nursing scholarships that are available through the HPEF, and these scholarships are for those who are studying nursing and who are in either associate degree or BSN programs.  The maximum amount that a student is able to obtain is $10,000 for the former and $13,000 for the latter.  The requirement for an applicant is a GPA of at least 2.0 as well as completing a service assignment of two years in caring directly for patients in an area that is under served.  Applicants have to be residents of California and they have to submit their transcripts, personal statement, two letters of recommendation, an SAR, and proof that they’re competent in a minimum of one language when they apply.

Although a nursing education is expensive, registered nursing scholarships like those listed above can help it to be a lot more affordable.


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