Pros and Cons of Temporary Types of Jobs for Convicted Felons

A lot of felons have found that one of the good types of jobs for convicted felons is temporary work. They find that it is something that can help them get the jobs that they need after being released from jail. There are different pros and cons getting these types of jobs for convicted felons through temporary work, though. Here are some things about working for these kinds of companies who hire convicted felons and this kind of convicted felon employment, and what it means for ex felons.

The Cons of Getting a Temporary Job:

  • Limited or nonexistent benefits when it’s compared to a regular job.
  • The person that you are working for may only need you for a certain season. An example would be working during the holiday season, when they may need more cashiers or workers if they are a retail store especially.  Obviously, when the season is over the job will probably be over until the season comes around again.
  • A lot of temporary jobs is that they don’t pay as well as a regular job would.

The Pros of Getting a Temporary Job:

  • There are a lot of different kinds of jobs that are available, and it’s possible to try different ones out to see what is going to work best for you.
  • You are going to meet contacts that may lead to you finding employment that is long-term and permanent.
  • It beats being unemployed. It allows you to get a paycheck while you are searching for a job that is better.
  • There are often flexible hours.
  • It’s going to improve your personal work history and therefore you’re going to avoid having an extensive amount of unemployment time on the resume which is going to help you find employment which is long term.
  • It’s hard to find a good, hard worker, and a lot of times employers make use of the temporary agencies to try out the workers before hiring them full time.  If they see that you’re doing well, it’s possible that you might be offered a position that’s more permanent.
  • After you have been given a job, it’s much easier to get hired for another one.  Working for a temp agency is something that could be a great stepping stone to help you get to things that are better if you’re having a lot of difficulty looking for jobs for felons.

Even though these types of jobs for convicted felons aren’t something that you really want, it’s something that can possibly lead to something better in the future.  It’s just something to put on your resume and to show you want to work.

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