Police Scholarships

Even though criminal justice careers are rewarding, it can be expensive to get to that point, and that is why police scholarships are an important part of it. There are different organizations that offer police scholarships to help with the cost.

Dream Scholarships through LEEP

The first of the police scholarships is through LEEP. This program offers financial help to the aspiring professionals in law enforcement. These scholarships are $1,000 and help to fund studying at any of the four year or junior college, or any of the training programs that grant either certification or a degree in any of the law enforcement aspects. Those who are convicted felons cannot get the award. It’s for students in the United States and the application deadline is May 1st. There is more information on the website at leepusa.org.


Law Enforcement Scholarships Through Golden West College


Located in Huntington beach, CA, this college offers support to those who are in law enforcement through different police scholarships. The information about the different scholarships that are available can be found at the website of Golden West College at goldenwestcollege.edu.


Scholarships Through Lapeer County Community Foundation


There are police scholarships through this foundation and they are available to those who live in Lapeer County in the state of Michigan and who want to get their degree in law enforcement. There’s a scholarship fund known as the Wayne Hildebrant Police Scholarship fund which is awarded each year and is $500. The student has to live in Lapeer County, have a 3.0 or higher GPA, and has to show that they are financially needy. It can be used for defraying tuition cost, textbooks, or educational fees. The yearly deadline is the 15th of April. For more information, visit the website at lapeercountycommunityfoundation.org.

These are three places that you can look for police scholarships. It can be hard to pay for a degree in law enforcement but with police scholarships it doesn’t have to be. Look through the scholarships that are listed above and you may find one that is going to work for you. If not, there are other police scholarships that you can try for. One of the good things that you can do is to go to your local police department and find out whether or not they have a scholarship for those who are interested in going into law enforcement. They may have one that is specific for your community that you can qualify for.


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