Pilot Training Scholarship

There are quite a few training programs for pilots but they can be expensive, and that is why a lot of potential plots will look into a pilot training scholarship. Here are some of the places that one can look for either a pilot training scholarship or another kind of funding to help them with paying for  the training.

Federal Pell Grant

This grant, while it’s not a pilot training scholarship, can help with defraying the costs as long as the person who is applying for it meets the requirements.  It’s something that’s based on a person’s financial need and the maximum amount that’s awarded is going to change from year to year.  If someone thinks that they might qualify for the Pell Grant, they should go to fafsa.ed.gov to fill out their FAFSA and determine what their financial status is.


This organization offers more than one of the scholarships to help with the support of aviation careers. These are scholarships which are awarded each year, and they’re based on merit as well as need.  those who are interested have to have interest in an aviation career as well as be citizens of the United States who live full time in the New England Area. Applicants are also required to be a minimum of 16 years of age as well as having a medical certificate which is current. The training has to be done at a facility in New England whose business is flight school. The amount of the scholarships is as much as $5,000. The club’s website is acone.org, where you can find more information.

Undergraduate Scholarships from Boeing


There are undergraduate scholarships offered by Boeing for the students who want to get an aviation career and who attend a college or university which is partnered with Boeing. Some of the schools are:


  • California State Polytechnic University-Pomona
  • California State University-Fullerton, Long Beach, Los Angeles, and Northridge
  • Central State University
  • Howard University
  • Morgan State University

For more information and a complete list of schools, you can go to their website at boeing.com/educationrelations/scholarships/.

These are three places that those who are interested in looking for a pilot training scholarship can look for help paying for their training. It can be expensive, but there are places that can help with paying for the training and making it much more affordable for the right pilot training candidates.


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