Pell Grant Requirements

When people ask about the pell grant requirements, one of the things that they don’t think about is the grade requirements.  There are grade requirements that are included with the pell grant requirements, so here are some of the things that you should remember when it comes to the pell grant requirements and grades.

The Pell grant is awarded to students who are from low income families.  For a student to get this grant and keep the fundng, they have to demonstrate academic progress which is satisfactory. There are guidelines that are established by the government and by the individual university or college that the student’s attending.


The first thing that students need to remember is that there usually is a minimum for a GPA for programs that are funded by the government. The university or college looks at the student’s GPA at semester or year’s end and then compares it to the total of credit hours that the student has completed. If it falls below the bare minimum standards, that student could face some funding restrictions or may find that they no longer have the Pell Grant.

Credit Hours

The second thing that is considered when it comes to academic progress is based on the registered hours versus completed hours in that year or semester.  An example would be if the person registered for 20 hours in a year  and their total completed was only 15, they may face restrictions for funding or they may lose their grant.

150% Rule

The final thing that is considered when it comes to the Pell grant is that the student doesn’t complete the degree according to this rule. This is a rule that says that the students have a total of 150% of the lengths of a particular program to get their degree. An example would be if a person is pursuing a 4 year degree they have no longer than 6 years to complete it.

Even though a lot of people know about the pell grant income requirements and the income limits for pell grant, there are other things gthat they have to remember about when it comes to pell grant requirements. There are the grade requirements and their dedication to their schooling.  This is also something that is considered when it comes to pell grant requirements.  When the government is giving out money to people to go to school, they want to know that the person is going to be serious about it. Otherwise, the money could go to someone else.

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