Pell Grant History

A lot of people know about the Pell grant, but how many people know the pell grant history that is behind this great grant?  If you are interested in knowing how it got started, here is the pell grant history.

It was created technically back in 1972 as a Higher Education Act amendment, and it wasn’t called the Pell Grant. The first name of it was called the Basic Education Opportunity Grant, which was renamed in 1980 for Senator Claiborne Pell.  The reason it was created initially was to help the people who would not be able to afford college otherwise, and since then it’s been put through some amendments.

These amendments are what have made a few different changes to the program for the Pell Grant since it got started, changing the amounts of awards, the requirements for eligibility, and the funding that was available significantly. Even though most of the changes were created to benefit the students to a certain degree, it’s the argument of critics that it’s not keeping up with the rise of inflation and it’s strayed from the grant’s core mission over the years.

The recent amendment to the Pell grant was made because of SAFRA, and it’s had a few effects on whether a student is going to be able to get the Pell Grant. The bill increased the amount of a Pell Grant to $5,550 for the school year of 2010-2011 and it implemented an annual increase starting in 2013-2014 to help with inflation. It also increased slightly the maximum amount of cutoff for a student’s EFC that they have to abide for so that they are able to be eligible for a grant from $4,617 to $5,273.

This made the wonderful Pell Grant available to about SAFRA has made the Pell Grant available to approximately 240K additional students, and it plans to inject billions of dollars into the program over the next ten years.  Critics argue that SAFRA is still not making this grant available to as many students as it could, and that it’s not providing funding to those students that can become eligible for the grant.

As you can see, there is quite a lot of information about pell grant history that is interesting. It’s not a perfect system but it’s doing the best that it can to help as many students as possible with the funding that they need.

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