Overview of Grants for Women Over 50

There are a lot of women over the age of 50 who are considering going back to school, but they don’t have the money. That is why they are looking for grants for women over 50. But what are some of the reasons that women over 50 are going back to college? Here is some information about that and about grants for women over 50.

Recently, it was talked about in a popular woman’s magazine as to why women over the age of 50 are going to college.  They are doing it because they know that their education is going to improve their chances to get a job that is better, a position that is higher, and more pay. A lot of women want o finish the degrees that were interrupted by shortage of money, children, or family.  That is why they are looking for grants for women over 50.  When they finish school they are going to feel more self esteem and a feeling of accomplishment

Here are some of the grants available to women over 50.

  • The grants are usually based on what a person needs, and these grants include Pell Grants and grants from AARP. The Pell Grant is awarded to women based on their financial aid and to undergraduates who haven’t earned either a bachelor or a professional degree. It doesn’t have to be repaid. The grants through AARP are sponsored by companies like Walmart and Bank of America.  This program targets the women whose financial resources are limited.

Although a lot of people might think that it’s a waste for a woman over 50 to go to college, there are some really good reasons why a woman might look into grants for women over 50.

  • Helps with financial burden on the sole breadwinner.
  • Better job
  • Better pay
  • Better position
  • Advantage in a time of uncertainty with the bad economy

No one knows what could happen tomorrow. The breadwinner of the household might have a wonderful job today but they may lose their job tomorrow. Wouldn’t it be nice for someone else in the household to have degree that they can fall back on and find a good paying job to support the rest of the family?  Having a degree allows a woman to have a good sense of worth and lets her know that she can make a contribution to the world.

2 Responses to “Overview of Grants for Women Over 50”

  1. Joni Scharr Says:

    I am a woman and over 50. I have a temporary job with no benefits. I have not had health insurance or dental insurance for over 4 years. I have found a 6-month course that would enable me to obtain certification and a new career in the fitness field. I am self supportive and cannot afford to stop working for 6 months. I need financial assistance to be able to go back to school. Any assistance would be appreciated.

    Thank you, Joni Scharr

  2. Joyce Hartington Says:

    I am a woman over 50. I have been and still am a massage therapist for 25 years,self employed. My body is still in good shape and feel a need to continue on with something that would keep my good health going and help others in the ageing sector. I have started training in Gyrotonics and to keep the training going to get the certification I will need some financial help. The upfront cost and time out of work is a bit much to bare. Any suggestions and assistance would be appreciated. Smiles to you, Thank you, Joyce Hartington

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