Nursing Grants

The decision to go to nursing school can’t be made lightly. Entrance exams must be taken, interviews conducted, and of course, you have to figure out how to fund the next level of your education. Fortunately, you have some options. In addition to other sources, nursing grants are available.

  • Scholarships. Most nursing school financial aid advisers can assist you in applying for these grants. They will know which ones are available at your school, in your specific course of study, and in your state. They are experienced enough to know exactly where to look for scholarships for someone in your situation. These grants are designed to help the student further their nursing education and to help them decide which branch of nursing they are going to practice in.

  • Minority Nursing Grants. Grants for minorities have increased dramtically in the last several years. Some of these grants are specific to certain national or ethnic groups, while for others, the applicant only needs to be a minority of any sort. Check with minority advocacy groups, as well as your school’s financial aid adviser and national nursing groups to assist you in applying for these grants.

  • Military Nurses. Funds for student nurses are also available through branches of the military. Though grants do not need to be repaid, the usual conditions include a specific term of military service. Check out the Army Nurse Corps, Army ROTC Nursing, and the Navy Nurse Corps for more information.

  • Federal Government Grants. These are grants for those who meet a specified financial need. If you do not qualify for any of the other grants that are available, you can apply for grants through the federal government.

Nursing school can become quite expensive, but there are funds available to finance training for this valuable profession. Keep these sources of financial aid in mind while you’re completing your education.

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