Native American Grants

If you have a Native American heritage and need assistance to attend school, build a home, begin a business or need money for many other purposes, there are Native American Grants to help you. Grants for Native American descendants is on the rise, including Native American education grants, Native American business grants and grants for Native American women.

  • Education. There are various organizations and programs for college and university studies, such as:

    • Bureau of Indian affairs (BIA.) Scholarships are available for students with more than ¼ Indian blood that are an enrolled member of a federally recognized Native American tribe. These education grants must be applied for through the local BIA office.

    • American Indian College Fund. Approximately 6,000 scholarships are awarded each year for Native American students.

    • Daughters of the American Revolution American Indian Scholarship Fund. $500 awards to assist Native American students.

  • Housing. Programs are in place to assist with housing issues of Native Americans tribes as well as specific circumstances. For example:

    • Indian Housing Block Grants. Application is made by the tribe which includes a 5-year and 1-year plan. Information can be found at:

    • Native American Veteran Direct Loan Program. A direct loan program through the VA (Department of Veterans Affairs) for the purpose of buying, building or repairing a home. Applicant must meet eligibility requirements as a Veteran as well as being a member of a federally recognized tribe.

  • Other. A number of foundations exist for the purpose of assisting Native Americans with the unique challenges they face. Just a sampling:

    • SEVA Foundation. Began in 1978 its mission is to build programs that support various people. Besides their Sight Programs bringing access to eye care services, they also have Native American Programs including a Diabetes Wellness Program.

    • Native Languages of the Americas. Grants are provided to people working to preserve indigenous languages – including language classes, linguistic research, native-language dictionaries, books, CD’s and other media.

    • National Indian Business Association (NIBA). Provides tools to support Native American entrepreneurs. ( )

    • Native Workplace. is a website involved in putting jobs and job seekers in Native communities together.

    • First Nations Development Institute. Their mission is to strengthen American Indian economies through educating, advocating and capitalizing.

There are many different tribes in the United States – from as far north as Alaska to the southern tip of Florida – there are currently 564 federally recognized tribes. If you are a member of any of these, take some time to see what grants and funds are available to help you or your tribe.

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