Kansas Scholarships and Grants

Kansas scholarships and grants can make going to school in Kansas more affordable. If you need Kansas financial aid, you’ve come to the right place. There are plenty of opportunities for getting free money for college in this Midwestern state. Here are several opportunities to look at today:

  • Kansas Ethnic Minority Scholarship

This scholarship is available to ethnic minorities in Kansas, including African Americans, American Indians, Alaskan Natives, Asian and Pacific Islanders, and Hispanics. To meet the eligibility requirements, students must have an ACT score of twenty-one or an SAT score of 990, have a cumulative GPA of 3.0, be ranked in the top third of their high school class., complete the Kansas Scholars Curriculum, be selected by the National Merit Corporation, or be selected by College Board as a Hispanic Scholar. Students need only meet one of these requirements in order to be eligible for this scholarship.

The application deadline for this award is May 1st. Students are selected competitively, based on the completion of Kansas Scholars Curriculum as well as other academic criteria. Students may receiving funding for up to four years, but they must attend a Kansas community college, state university, or independent college to receive the awards. In order to continue to be eligible for the awards, students must maintain a 2.0 GPA and demonstrate continued financial need by filing the <a href=httt://fafsa.ed.gov target=_blank>FAFSA</a> each year. You can find out more about this scholarship at www.kansasregents.org.

  • Kansas State Scholarship

State Scholars of Kansas are residents who are designated State Scholars in their senior year. Students must take the ACT no later than December of their senior year to be considered for this honor. Students must also be Kansas residents and have curriculum and 7th semester GPA on file by the high school guidance counselor or registrar. Students generally have a GPA of over 3.0 and an ACT score of around 29 to quality for this award.

This award gives students up to $1,000 a year for four years of schooling, but actual award amounts are determined by financial need, as demonstrated through the FAFSA each year. Students who meet the requirements are put into an applicant pool, and students are chosen based on the state funding level for that year. Each year, students must reapply with the FAFSA and the state application for aid.

  • Kansas Comprehensive Grant

This grant is a need-based award for students enrolled at eighteen private colleges and universities in Kansas or one of the six state Universities. Students must be enrolled full time to be considered for this grant. This grant is state funded and also often includes moneys from the federal Leveraging Educational Assistance Partnership (LEAP) program. Students must complete the FAFSA in order to be considered for this award.

Award amounts range from $200 to $3.500 at private institutions and from $100 to $1,500 at the public institutions. Actual grand amounts depend on a student’s financial need. Students can find out more about this grant at www.kansasregents.org/scholarships_and_grants.

  • Kansas Teacher Service Scholarship

This program is for both students pursuing a baccalaureate degree in education and for licensed teachers who are seeking endorsement in certain areas or master’s degrees in certain disciplines. In order to apply for this award, students must be Kansas residents and must be attending Kansas postsecondary institutions. Applicants must also be applying for admission to or currently enrolled in a course for an education degree in a hard-to-fill discipline or seeking to teach in one of Kansas’s underserved geographic areas. Applicants might also be currently licensed teachers enrolled in programs for endorsement or further education for a hard-to-fill discipline. These disciplines include special education, math, science, foreign language, and English as a second language.

The award amounts for this award vary based on the number of credit hours a student is taking. Students taking three to five hours will get $1,075. Those taking six to eight hours will get $1,612. Those with nine to eleven hours will get $2,150. Those who are full time students will get $2,687. These are per-semester amounts and are renewable.

In order to receive this award, students must agree to teach in their hard-to-fill area for a certain amount of time, dependent on the amount of money awarded. If the teacher should fail to uphold this obligation, he or she will be required to pay back the scholarship under the same interest rate as the federal PLUS loan plus five percentage points.

  • Kansas Nursing Service Scholarship

This scholarship is for nursing students who are Kansas residents. Students must be accepted into a Kansas nursing program, which does not include pre-nursing. They must also have an eligible sponsor who will fund up to half of the scholarship and will offer the recipient employment within six months of licensure.

Nursing students are required to practice nursing at specific Kansas facilities for one year per year of academic support. If nursing students change majors or decide to work outside of Kansas after graduation, these scholarships become loans which are repaid like federal student loans. In fact, the loans have the same interest rate as Federal PLUS loans plus five percent. Rates change annually, and interest begins accruing starting on the date the scholarship funds are released.

The award amounts for this award vary. Students who are enrolled in Licensed Practical Nurse programs are eligible to receive $2,500 each year. Those enrolled in Registered Nurse programs can receive up to $3,500. Sponsors pay between $1,000 and half of the scholarship, and the state of Kansas pays for the remainder of these Kansas scholarships.

Recipients of these scholarships can receive a renewal agreement in March. As long as it is signed and returned with a sponsor agreement, the scholarship will be renewed. Each year, students must also fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid.

This scholarship, like many others, is administrated by the Board of Regents office. You can find out more information about it at www.kansasregents.org. You can also find the application for this award here.

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