Johnson Scholarship Program

One of the scholarships that a lot of people talk about is the johnson scholarship program through Washington and Lee University. This amazing johnson scholarship program is something that’s possible thanks to an amazing gift of $100 million.  This program is something that’s opened the opportunity to those students who have displayed exceptional and amazing potential in leadership and lets them graduate debt free.


There are as many 200 applicants that are going to be considered each year and there’s a total of 44 of the scholars that are named, which constitutes almost 10% of each of the incoming classes.


For those students who are interested in applying for the Johnson Scholarship Program they need to submit their completed application for admission, their transcripts, test scores, and recommendations, and the essay that is required for the johnson scholarship program. When these materials are submitted, it’s going to make the student available for all of the scholarship opportunities that are not need based, and these include the scholarships form Heinz, Lewis, and Weinstein, as well as the alumni and regional scholarships.


When the students are considered for the Johnson Scholarship Program, they are going to be chosen based on academic achievement, demonstrated civic and leadership involvement, and the essay that they wrote for the application.


It’s important that there are a lot of people who are trying to get this Johnson Scholarship Program, because it’s something that can really help the person to get their education without having to worry about the money that they have to spend. It’s extremely competitive and therefore it can be really hard to be chosen for it.

Even if you aren’t able to get into the Johnson Scholarship Program, chances are that you may be able to get one of the other scholarship programs that are available through the college.  If you aren’t able to get into the Johnson Scholarship Program, take a look at the other scholarships that are offered by the college or look into other scholarship programs that you may qualify for.  There are a lot of scholarships that are available which may be as prestigious but they are also going to help you with paying for college.

If you are interested in learning more about the Johnson Scholarship Program or the college that offers it, you can go to the website found here:  There is a lot of good information t here and you should find answers to your questions.


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