JCI Senate Foundation Scholarship

On a yearly basis, there are students who are given money for college thanks to the jci senate foundation scholarship. Each jci senate foundation scholarship is $1,000 and these scholarships are given to the seniors in high school who are going to go to a vocational school, university, or college to continue their education.  The foundation decides how many of the scholarships are given each year and these checks have to be used for expenses related to education in the first year.  The checks are made out in the recipient’s name and in the name of the institution that the student will be attending.

The applications for a jci senate foundation scholarship have to come from students in high school that are citizens of the United States and who are graduating from schools that are accredited by the United States. This includes home schools that are approved by the state, GED programs that are approved by the state, overseas schools that are approved by the state, and cyber schools.

This foundation is completely qualified and approved by the IRS.  The applications forms are distributed from the month of September to the month of November annually to determine how many students are going to receive a jci senate foundation scholarship.  The chairman decides when the applications need to be sent back, and the date may vary, from an early date of December 1st to as late as January 15th.  The date is going to be on the cover page of the application.

There’s an panel of judges who are independent and who reviews each of the applications and those applications that are ranked in the top two are sent on.  There’s another panel of independent educators that reviews all of the applications that are sent from the states and then the winners are chosen by the panel.

Those qualifications are listed above to get a jci senate foundation scholarship.  There’s no limit on how many applications can be sent in by the students of a particular school. Even though the applications are first judged at level of the state, the eligibility of a student is based on where the student lives instead of where they’ll be attending college.

If you are interested in finding out whether or not you qualify for a jci senate foundation scholarship, you can visit the website at http://www.usjcisenate.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=13&Itemid=26. This sound give you all the information that you need.


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