How to Find Felon Friendly Employers

There’s a lot of ex felons who are trying to find jobs. So if you’re one of them, how do you find the felon friendly employers that are willing to give you a job? Even though there’s not a list of all of the felon friendly employers, there are ways to find them. Here are some of the places that you should either visit or call to get information about felon friendly employers.

  • These days a lot of the prisons have some programs that assist those with felony convictions to enter the workforce again.
  • Speak with the parole officer handling your case to see if they have any suggestions.
  • The state’s labor department can help you to find a job.
  • Organizations that are non profit often help those who have been convicted of felonies.
  • Temporary agencies are a great place to go because they often have companies on file that are going to hire ex felons.
  • Organizations that are church based often are willing to help the felons who are trying to get jobs.

Of course, not all of the businesses that are around are going to hire people who are ex-convicts.  A good idea is to try places like businesses that are run by families or are smaller.  There are big businesses that are willing to hire felons too because they are going to get tax credits when they hire them.

Some of the businesses that are usually felon friendly employers are: delivery, trucking, movers, bakeries, gyms, restaurants, and construction. Some of the jobs that cannot hire felons are the ones that use explosives or firearms, and the ones that involve the elderly and minors.  The exception to the firearms is the army, because the army is willing to enlist those who have been felons.

If you’re someone who has learned a profession or trade, you can often hire yourself as a freelancer or an independent contractor and get rid of the need for looking for the companies who are willing to hire felons.

An example for this would be the smaller companies who don’t need to have a regular computer technician.  You can advertise your skills and they could call you when they have need of your services.

This is just some of the information that you should remember when searching for jobs for felons.

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