Holistic Scholarships and Grants

Holistic medicine is different than other kinds of medicine in the fact that it it restoring the balance to the spirit, mind and body.  There are holistic scholarships and grants available for those people who are interested in learning this kind of medicine as long as you know where you should look. The three examples below are good places that you can start looking for holistic scholarships and grants.


This association is the first good place that you can look for holistic scholarships and grants.  It promotes the education that is focused on healing a person’s whole body. One of the first scholarship programs that they offer is the CMGSP, which is named for the AHNA’s founder. This scholarship program offers undergraduate as well as graduate awards for those students who are in programs for holistic nursing. To apply, the person must be a member of the AHNA, and the application will ask about personal data, employment and education history, transcript, essay, two letters of sponsorship, and the person’s financial statement.  The person must also maintain a GPA of 3.0.  more information about this scholarship can be found at ahna.org.


Teaching natural medicine’s science and art is the core mission of the NCNM, found in Portland, Oregon, and that is why they offer holistic scholarships and grants.  One of the holistic scholarships and grants that the school offers is the Wise Women Herbals Botanical Medicine Scholarship and it’s awarded to the outstanding students that are studying botanical medicine.  The candidates for this scholarship are students in their third or their fourth year that have botanical medicine as their subject for their thesis. There is more information about this scholarship that can be found on the school’s website at ncnm.edu.

Massage Therapy Foundation

This is another good place to look for holistic scholarships and grants.  This foundation found in Evanston, Illinois, is one that promotes research studies on the benefits of massage for relieving depression and stress, as well as other issues. They offer grants both to teams and individuals that are researching subjects that are going to provide a more complete understanding of how massage can be used therapeutically.  The candidates must have field experience that is related as well as cooperate with either an independent research organization or university.  The grants that are awarded each year are between $1,000 – $30,000.

These are three places that you can turn in order to find holistic scholarships and grants if you are interested in pursuing this type of career.

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