Height Scholarships

Scholarships come in a lot of different shapes and sizes, and this includes height scholarships. These are scholarships that are available for those people who are of one unusual height or another, such as being tall or short.  There are two height scholarships that are available for those people who are either very tall or very short. Here is the information about these height scholarships.

Student Scholarships Through Tall Clubs International

If you are a woman who is a minimum of 5’10” or a man who is at least 6’2”, then you might be able to get a scholarship through Tall Clubs International.  These scholarships are as much as $1,000 are awarded each year to students who are at least the above heights and going to college for their first year. Here are some good tips for this scholarship.

  • Get in contact with a TCI member that’s near to you to ask them to sponsor you.
  • If there’s no scholarship campaign active right now, it may be that they’ll make you the candidate.
  • Go to the website and where the closest club for TCI is to you.

LPA Scholarships


The second of the height scholarships is through LPA. In order to qualify for these scholarships, a person has to be 4’10” or shorter.  The scholarships go from $250-$1,000 or they can be even more.  To apply, the person should be a member of LPA and meet the height requirements. The following is the information on the preference that is given for scholarships.


  • LPA members with diagnosis of dwarfism from a doctor
  • Members of immediate family of those who are dwarfs and who are paying members of the LPA
  • Students who are dwarfs and not LPA members
  • General students who are disabled
  • Students who aren’t disabled and who can show that they need help financially.

These are the two height scholarships that people who are very tall or very short may be able to get. It’s a good idea to join the organizations, although it’s not always necessary. But when you join the organizations, you may find that you are surrounded by other people who are like you and who can give you support.  It’s always nice to meet other people who are tall or short like you and who know how you feel with the limitations that you encounter in your daily life.


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