Hearing Aid Grants

Are you having problems hearing what your loved ones are saying? Are you concerned that your child has a hearing problem and might get behind in their development or education because they can’t hear what’s going on? Many people in that situation know what they need, but really can’t afford to get a hearing aid. Some health insurance companies do cover hearing aids, but sometimes, the coverage is very limited and you might not be able to get the hearing aid that is right for your needs. If you’re in any of these situations, there is help available in the form of grants. Grants are money that you do not have to pay back.

Department of Veterans Affairs

Department of Veterans Affairs offers assistance to veterans who have experienced a hearing loss due to combat. They will help veterans to receive all the services that they need in order to help them hear again, or help them obtain equipment that will make it easier for them to communicate, such as devices for the phone and television. The VA also reimburses veterans for their travel expenses to and from the doctors’ appointments they need to arrange for these treatments.

Hearing Loss Association of America

For children with a hearing loss who have an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) stating that they need help with assistive technology, hearing aids will be provided to them at no cost.

State Agencies

Some states provide assistance for telephone devices and other equipment for the hearing impaired. The services provided and the amount that they will help varies from state to state. Some states will provide free equipment for phone service to those who qualify. You can find more information at http://www.tedpa.org.

Miracle Ear Children’s Foundation

Miracle Ear Hearing Aids ha their own foundation, which offers free hearing aids to children who meet specific guidelines. The children must be under 16 years of age,

resident of the United States, the family is not eligible for public assistance($20,000 – $40000), family committed to keep up with all services that would be need for the child as they grow, and a current(within the last six months) auditory exam. Families are allowed two hearing aids every two years, as long as the individual continues to qualify.


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