Hawaii Scholarships and Grants

Getting Hawaii scholarships and grants is easy if you know where to look. The state offers some grants for students who need Hawaii financial aid. If you don’t qualify for those grants or need more funding than they offer, you can also check out grants by several independent organizations that offer scholarships for Hawaiian students interested in different areas of study. Here are just a few scholarships and grants to check out if you’re in Hawaii:

  • Hawaii Community Foundation Scholarship Program

This scholarship program offers over 150 scholarship from funds established by businesses, individuals, families, and organizations. The scholarships are often major-specific, and students normally have to be residents of Hawaii and legal US citizens to quality. Some scholarships are merit based and others are need based. Others are for students from specific Hawaiian high schools or islands or are through specific religious organizations or colleges and universities. You can do a blanket application for some of the scholarships through the Hawaii Community Foundation at www.hawaiicommunityfoundation.org.

Some of the scholarships that are available include the following:

o   A&B Ohana Scholarship Fund: These scholarships are for children of full-time employees of Alexander and Baldwin, Inc. Students must maintain a certain GPA and must reapply for the scholarship during all four years of their undergraduate education.

o   Aiea General Hospital Association Scholarship: This scholarship is specifically for students majoring in health related fields. Students must reside in certain O’ahu zip codes and must provide two letters of recommendation with their applications.

o   Arthur Jackman Memorial Scholarship: This scholarship is for students seeking a vocational education.

o   Community Scholarship Fund: This fund offers scholarships for Hawaiian students majoring in arts, architecture, education, humanities, and social sciences. Students must show potential for fulfilling a need in the community and must maintain a 3.0 GPA. Students must also have the intention of returning to Hawaii to work.

o   EE Black Scholarship Fund: This fund is for students who are dependents of Tesoro Hawaii or its subsidiaries. Students must be undergraduates and maintain a 3.0 GPA to gain this scholarship.

o   Hawaii Veterans Memorial Fund Scholarship: This scholarship is for college graduates who are attending school in the US. Students must maintain a 3.5 GPA to gain this scholarship, which sends students to the mainland for graduate work. However, students do not need to be veterans or children of veterans to apply for this award.

o   Ida M. Pope Memorial Scholarship: This scholarship is for students of Hawaiian ancestry. It is only for women pursuing an education in health, science, or education, including social work and counseling.

o   Kaneta Foundation Scholarship: Students can apply for this award as long as they are a member in good standing at a Christian Church in Hawaii. Students must maintain a high GPA and must submit ACT or SAT scores along with their original application. The award is renewable, but students must reapply for renewal each year.

o   Makia and Ann Malo Scholarship Fund: This is a scholarship for graduate students majoring in law at Hawaiian schools. Students who are of Hawaiian ancestry and who desire to contribute to the community after graduate school are preferred.

o   Peter Papworth Scholarship: This scholarship is for students who graduate from Campbell High School. Students can use the scholarship in flexible ways.

o   Richard Smart Scholarship Fund: This fund is for students who are first generation degree seekers from the Waimea area. Students must be ready to attend a two or four year program and must maintain a GPA of 2.7. Applicants are allowed to reapply for this scholarship.

o   Snipes-Meyer-Vorhies Nursing Scholarship Fund: This is for students majoring in nursing at Maui Community College. Students who are going for an Associate of Science or Certificate of Achievement in Nursing are preferred. Students must maintain a GPA of 2.0 and include a personal statement about current and planned community service. Normally, Hawaiian students are preferred for this award.

o   Troy Barboza Educational Fund Scholarship: This scholarship is for students who are dependents of Hawaii public officials who were injured or killed in the line of duty. Students who are or who once were public officials can also apply for this award.

o   Vicki Willder Scholarsip Fund: This scholarship is for depends of employees in the Kamehameha Schools food services department. Current employees can also apply for this award. It is meant to go towards a major in culinary arts or travel industry management.

o   Will J. Henderson Scholarship Fund in Hawaii: This fund is for dependents of current employees of the Queen’s Medical Center. Students can use the award to attend any academic or vocational postsecondary institute in the United States. The institute must be accredited and approved by the Hawaii Community Foundation, and students who win the award must maintain a 2.0 GPA.

o   William James and Dorothy Bading Lanquist Fund: This scholarship is for students who are majoring in the physical sciences. This excludes biological and social sciences, but it’s a great award for students majoring in physics or chemisty.

As you can see, there are many scholarships to choose from. This is just a sampling of the available scholarships. You can find the current, complete list here: http://www.hawaiicommunityfoundation.org/scholarships.

  • Regents and Presidential Scholarship

This is a scholarship for the University of Hawaii system. Students who are elected to be Regents scholars will be awarded full tuition plus a stipend of $2,000 per semester. Students will also get a one-time travel grant of up to $2,000. Regents awards are for incoming freshmen. Incoming juniors can compete for the Presidential scholarship, which has the same stipulations and awards for the older students.

  • The Second Century Scholarship

This is another award through the University of Hawaii. This award is a need-based grant for Hawaiian students. Students across the UH system can apply for this award each year. Awards depend on the student need demonstrated. Students can apply through their campus financial aid office. It’s best to apply early, so check when the deadlines are for your campus.

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