GSA Research Grant

The GSA, or Geological Society of America, is committed to fostering students in the geological sciences. One way it does that is through a GSA research grant for graduate students.

A GSA research grant is specifically intended to assist master’s students with research for their thesis and doctoral students with research for their dissertation. In many cases, these students need to travel to collect evidence or case studies, and these grants can help with that. They also may have to forego outside work in order to focus on their research and writing, and a GSA grant can be a helpful source of income during those challenging months.

These grants serve students in the geological sciences who attend school in North and Central America. Specifically, this includes Canada, the United States, Mexico, and the Central American nations south of Mexico. Some of these areas are rich in natural resources for those wishing to study geology, and many students wish to be in the field as much as possible. GSA research grants make that possible, no matter what school a graduate student attends.

According to the GSA’s information, about 53% of those who apply for research grants are awarded funds. This is a major source of funding for students in these fields. They strongly encourage women and minorities to apply, so that their work may also be encouraged, but they do not have statistics posted on the rate of success of the grant applications of different groups.

There are some limitations to the GSA research grant that students should be aware of.

  • You have to be a member of the GSA to receive a grant. Student membership costs $30, but there is a fund available to help those who can’t afford the fee.

  • You have to attend school in the areas specified, not live there or be a citizen. An Englishman going to school in Mexico would qualify, a Mexican going to school in England wouldn’t.

  • You can only receive one GSA grant for your master’s thesis and one for your doctoral dissertation.

  • Your advisor needs to fill out forms for you to get this grant, as well.

  • You have to have a working email address to apply.

All in all, for graduate students in the geological sciences, these are not terribly restrictive guidelines, especially when they are seeking to fund research that will define their career in this science. The GSA supports this research and the students who engage in it.

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