Grants to Help With Medical Bills

Medical bills are something that nearly everyone faces at some point in their lives. Even those with insurance can find themselves with a mountain of bills after an extended hospital stay for their deductible, co pays and those costs not covered by their insurance. Even a short emergency room visit can be costly these days. Luckily, there are grants to help with medical bills as well as other programs in place to help you if you find yourself with more medical bills than you can afford.

  • Hospitals. One of the first places to start is the hospital where you received your medical care. While they are not usually going to write off your entire bill, many will waive some of the costs and some have funds set aside to help certain patients. Some of the doctors will also work with you. If they won’t work with you, you may want to enlist the assistance of a medical billing advocate. At the very least you may be able to negotiate a payment plan that you can handle.

  • Churches. Churches will often help their parishioners as well as those that are not parishioners with unexpected medical costs. If the need is great, they may even ask for donations just for you in their newsletter, at the service, or on their website.

  • Associations. Various associations, such as those that advocate for minorities, will assist with medical costs for those special interest groups they strive to help.

  • Employers. Some companies have emergency funds set up to provide some assistance to their employees that find themselves in an unexpected emergency situation. These programs are funded by the company as well as by employee weekly donations. Your employer may also be willing to post a flyer in the employee area alerting your fellow workers that you need help.

  • Private Health Grant Foundations. Various foundations exist to assist with specific situations, for example:

    • Addison H Gibson Foundation – this foundation helps residents of western Pennsylvania

    • Children:

      • United Healthcare Children’s Foundation

      • Special Kids Fund

    • Cancer Treatment:

      • Elsa U Pardee Foundation

      • Lance Armstrong Foundation

  • Bankruptcy. When all else fails and you are facing years of payments, garnishments, daily bill collector calls or worse, it may be time to talk with an attorney to see if bankruptcy is a feasible option for you. Since this option will also eliminate other types of debts, it may give you a fresh start. Be careful to consider that it will be many years before you are eligible to file again so if there is the likelihood for more medical bills in the near future you should wait until they’ve all been billed.

Hopefully these tools will help you get through this tough time and let you concentrate instead on your recovery, or the recovery of your loved one. Even if the bills you’ve received are manageable, you could save some money by carefully reviewing those bills – did you really have 14 painkillers during your stay or were you overbilled?

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