Grants for Truck Driving School

If your idea of a fun day is sitting behind the wheel and enjoying the countryside, you may just want to consider being a truck driver. While it certainly is not the same as a Sunday drive, it can be a very profitable career while enabling you to see more of the country. At one point you had to learn how to drive a car – you didn’t just jump behind the wheel and know what to do. Truck driving is no different; it takes time and instruction to do it safely. Luckily you won’t have to get your Mom or Dad, or even Uncle Pete, to teach you on some lightly traveled dirt road in the boondocks. There are many truck driving schools available to show you the ropes, as well as grants for truck driving school to help you pay for them.

One of the places to begin your research is at the school you plan to attend. If you have more than one school in your area, be sure to check with all of them because some have their own programs while others use state and federal grants. Basically there are four ways to cover your costs:

  • School installment plans

  • Credit card or cash

  • Tuition Discounts offered by the school

  • Grants – federal, state and sometimes local as well as trucking company programs

Since training can run a couple thousand dollars or more depending on the class of license, it is worthwhile to see what programs are available.

  • Tuition Reimbursement Programs. Many of the trucking companies offer a tuition reimbursement program if you go to work with them upon completion of your training. The Interstate Trucking School in Minnesota lists a number of such programs on their website at

  • State Programs. The best way to find state programs is to check at the school. They know which programs are being run by their state that they actually qualify for. For example, the US Truck Driver Training School in Michigan has information about Michigan programs at

Generally speaking your best route is a tuition reimbursement program even though it will mean a commitment of a year or more to one trucking company. Just be certain to do your homework about the company you are considering to make sure they are reputable and a good company to work for.

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