Grants for Teacher Education

Due to the fact that education benefits everyone in our country, the government is encouraging people to go into teaching through grants for teacher education so that they are able to get assistance for their own education. There are a few different kinds of grants for teacher education that teachers can use to help pay for their own education. Here are some of the grants for teacher education that future teachers can find useful.


This grant provides the aspiring teachers with up to $4,000 annually for helping to pay for their college education.  The only thing that it’s important to remember is to get access to the funds, the students have to study in a field that’s high need and sign one of the agreements that says they’ll teach in the field where there are students who are low income. To get this grant a student has to be a legal citizen or a citizen.  You also have to be going to a school that is participating in the program as well as going after a degree that’s going to help you prepare for teaching.  There are also academic achievements and a GPA of a minimum of 3.25.  Its also required that you fill out the FAFSA.
Teacher Loan Forgiveness Program

Even though it’s not a grant, it’s going to help the teacher by forgiving the loans from the government that were given to those who became teachers.  Those teachers who got had their loans forgiveness are able to get as much of a combined total of over $17,000. The only thing is that they have to meet some requirements. An instance would be that they have to teach on a full time basis for at least five years consecutively


This is a grant that’s for university students in their third and fourth years that are pursuing a degree in essential linguistic, mathematical, or scientific fields. Even though it’s not a grant specifically created for teachers, the fields that qualify for it are some similar fields that are for a TEACH grant. You also have to qualify to get a Pell Grant for this grant, and the benefit of it is $4,000 annually.

These are the three grants for teacher education that you can consider when you are taking classes to become a teacher. They are going to help you with paying for your education so that you can help others with their education.


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