Grants for Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is energy generated from natural resources that are naturally replenished constantly. The market for renewable energy continues to grow as more and more people are interested in lessening our dependence on foreign oil supplies. For this and other reasons, grants for renewable energy as well as federal grants for renewable energy degrees are on the rise. Additionally, government grants for switching to renewable energy sources continue to be sought by states and local communities.

To better understand what renewable energy is, here is a list of what qualifies:

  • Solar – our sun puts off an amazing amount of energy which can be harnesses to provide electricity. Many homes in southern states already utilize solar for pool heating and even water heating but so much more can be done with solar energy.

  • Wind – Wind turbines are being used throughout many states to provide electricity.

  • Biomass – The energy from plant and plant-derived materials – such as burning wood and other plant life and the methane from landfills.

  • Hydrogen – found in some organic compounds, this is the most common element on Earth though it occurs with other elements; once separated it can be burned – experimentation is ongoing to find ways to fuel automobiles with Hydrogen.

  • Geothermal – this is the heat present within the Earth and present in the energy of the oceans’ tides

  • Ocean – The oceans produce thermal energy from the heat of the sun.

  • Hydropower – flowing water – for example much of the southwest is powered by Hoover Dam and Niagara Falls provides power to the northeast and parts of Canada.

Most grants flow from the federal government to the state level, and thus the states provide incentives for renewable and efficiency. If you want to find out what is available in your state, a good website to investigate is the Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency (DSIRE) Included on the site are federal incentives, state rebate programs, utility grant programs, corporate tax credits, sales tax incentives, utility rebate programs, production incentives, school renewable energy grants, loan programs, property tax incentives, personal tax credits and other state specific programs. Also on this site is a library of articles dating back to the late 1990’s dealing with programs, policies, projects, tax incentives and so forth. This site is kept up to date with a section entitled “What’s New?” that informs about new incentives and policies.

Whether you want to switch some of your power usage over to a renewable energy source, or your goal is to get a college education, there is assistance available to make your goal more affordable. Through grants, scholarships, incentives and other funding everyone can make a difference!

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