Grants for Photography Projects

Very few people have never snapped at least a photo or two in their lives. Most of us pull out our cameras on birthdays, holidays, milestone events and vacations. However, there are some that view their surroundings in such a way that even everyday sights are “photo ops” to them. Because there lives a love of photography in the hearts of so many, there are many different foundations dedicated to photography and many of them provide grants for photography projects. Additionally, photography grants can be photography education grants for entire degree programs, or a single grant for courses on photography.

  • Types of Photography. Some foundations are specific in the type of photography they will support. For example:

  • Missions. Other foundations use photography to promote a specific mission. For example:

    • Alexia Foundation. World Peace Annual Photography Contest. Their mission is to use photojournalism to promote world peace and cultural understanding.

    • Getty Images Inc. “Grants for Good” sponsors projects that promote positive change in the world.

  • Type of Photographer. Some awards are specific to the type of individual, such as for minority photographers. One example is the Inge Morath Award by the Magnum Foundation that provides $5,000 each year to a female documentary photographer.

  • Media Grants. Some media companies provide grants to photographers. One example is:

    • National Geographic Magazine. The grant is obtainable by professional still photographers and includes assistance on the chosen project through the same support services provided to the magazine’s regular contributing photographers. The 2010 grant is $30,000.

  • Scholarships. There are also grants that enable students to study photography, as well as awards for education awarded to photographers through photographic contests. For example,

    • The Google Photography Prize is a world-wide competition for students to generate themes for iGoogle.

    • Sigma Corporation of America Scholarship Contest – details can be found on their website at

So, whether your goal is to advance your photography career, study photography, or use your photography to support a cause, there are photography grants available to assist you in financing your aspiration. There will always be struggling artists, but those that take the time to do a little research may struggle a bit less.

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