Grants for LCD Projectors for Education

These days, more than ever, technology has become a part of the classroom and a lot of teachers are looking for information about grants for lcd projectors for education so that they are able to keep up with the demands of today’s technology conscious students. Although there are no specific grants for lcd projectors for education, there are quite a few grants that teachers can get to help them with getting the technology they need to enhance the learning experience of their students and to make their classroom a more enjoyable place for them to be. Here are some of the more popular ones that they can turn to.

EdTech Innovators Award

This award is one that includes a grant for technology that is about $40,000 and it also includes a membership in a great social network which has been designed specifically for educators.  The information which concerns deadlines, guidelines, and judging is found at the website of Hewlett-Packard.

RGK Foundation Grants

This foundation awards the grants to those programs that put their focus upon K-12 education that is formal. But the programs that help in teacher development, higher education, and other literacy forms are also areas of priority. The maximum amount of money that’s given by the grant is $25,000. The information about this grant, including the deadlines, judging and guidelines are able to be found here.

Lemelson-MIT InvenTeams

This is designed to create some excitement in the students in high school through math, engineering, technology and science.  They are created by mentors, teachers, and students in high school.  The awards which are S10,000 are awarded to the teacher applicants that have submitted the application and were chosen to complete a final application. The information for this contest can be found here.

These are three places that can help teachers to give them money to help with technology costs for their classrooms. Even though they may not be grants for lcd projectors for education exactly, they are grants for helping teachers to get the technology that is needed for their classroom. With the majority of the homes in the United States having at least one computer and a lot of students having their own laptops the old ways of teaching seem passé and unexciting. That is why things like grants for lcd projectors for education and other kinds of technology are so important to keep the students and classrooms up to date with the modern times.


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