Grants for Graduate Education Students

For teachers, one of the things that can really help them is getting a graduate degree because it can help them with getting the edge that they need and usually can also get them an increase in pay.  But getting the graduate degree can be expensive, but that is where grants for graduate education students can come in. here are some of the places that teachers can turn to for grants for graduate education students to help them with getting that degree.

Fellowships Through Woodrow Wilson

This foundation is a good place that a teacher can start looking for grants for graduate education students. These are competitive fellowships and they’re awarded to the students who are trying to get their master’s degree.  To find out more information about the foundation and the fellowships, you can visit their website at

TEACH Grants

This grant program is another good place that teachers can look for grants for graduate education students. It’s open to those students who are planning to teach at elementary schools that serve those families that are low income. The recipients are able to get as much as $4,000 annually through this program.  They have to pledge to work after finishing college, otherwise the grant is going to become a loan.  There’s more information through the website at

Fellowships Through James Madison

The final place that you can turn to for grants for graduate education students is this foundation. It supports students that teach about the constitution.  The recipients have to teach American government, social studies, or American history to those students who are in 7th to 12th grade. The length of commitment is going to be based on how many years the individual has the fellowship and this can be as much as $24,000. The recipient can either be a student who is going to get their bachelor’s degree and is about to enter a masters program which is full time or the students that are teachers already and are going to be getting the masters while they’re still teaching. The information is found at the following website:

These are three good places that a teacher can start to find grants for graduation education students.  They are designed to help teachers to get the money that they need to advance their education so that they are able to help t heir students more. Education is important and that is why there is help for the teachers who want to advance theirs.


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