Grants for Elementary Schools

Few people realize what it takes financially to keep an elementary school functioning. Although our property taxes, income taxes, and the like include funding for schools, many schools have had to put efforts into receiving elementary school grants.

Some schools search for grants to cover specific programs – such as educational grants for elementary school arts. Others need grants for elementary school teachers. Sometimes it is a private school looking for private elementary school grants, grants for Christian elementary schools, or specialized schools looking for a specific engineering elementary school grants program. Regardless of the reason, grants for elementary school are growing in need and thankfully there are ones available.

Grant opportunities can be located fairly easily by searching the Internet as a number of organizations have been working to maintain websites committed to putting information about a great number of grants in one place. Some sites cover a range of grants, while others are specific to a purpose. For example:

If a school has a specific program that needs funding, a search should be conducted based on the type of grant required. For example:

  • Target Corporation’s Early Childhood Reading Grant Program. Supports reading programs at schools and libraries.

  • Dollar General Literacy Foundation. Provides funds to school libraries to expand or implement literacy programs.

  • AT & T Foundation. Supports programs that center on the use of technology to improve teaching and education.

  • Bank of America Foundation. Various programs even past elementary levels that support after school programs, early childhood development, financial literacy and youth mentoring.

  • Intel. Each year Intel awards one elementary, one middle and one high school a math and science cash grant and additional product and service assistance for programs in those fields that meet or exceed national content standards.

It is nice to know that so many corporations understand the importance of educating our youth and step up to the plate to fund programs. Our children are the ones that will be developing new technologies, expanding medical practices, erecting our buildings and infrastructures, and making the world of our golden years a nice place to be – but only if we educate them well today!

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