Grants for At Risk Youth

Many people believe that today’s youth face more serious risks those of previous generations. With issues such as gang activity, drug abuse, deteriorating family values and structure, and even violence in schools, the youth of today often have trouble coping. These stresses can push our teenagers into dangerous behaviors such as sexual promiscuity, drug use, criminal activities and even suicide. Couple stress with a teenager’s mindset that they are indestructible and that there will not be any consequences down the road for their actions and you have a recipe for disaster. If you fear your teenager is headed down the wrong path and is at risk, know that there is help. Thanks to grants for at risk youth and grants for education of at risk youth, a number of organizations are working to address this growing concern.

Before you take actions with your teen that may actually worsen the situation, take the time to do some research. You can find a number of resources online that will give you professional advice and support. Here are just a few:

  • Youth Service America. This organization works to increase the number and diversity of youth getting them active in community service. Since many schools encourage or even require their students to perform community service, this site may help you get your teen active which will help their self-esteem and give them a sense of community.

  • Family First Aid – Help for Troubled Teens. Their website has articles on such issues as teen drug abuse, teen depression and suicide, teen pregnancy, eating disorders, peer pressure, and shoplifting just to name a few.

  • At-Risk Youth Facilities. Sometimes it takes a complete change of environment and specialized treatment to deal with behavioral and emotional problems. There are various treatment centers, ministries and boarding schools across the nation that deal specifically with troubled youth. One directory of such facilities can be found at

Many local and state government programs deal with family services including at-risk youth programs. Check with your local Family Services Department to see what they have available. For example:

Besides programs, there are various books written on the subject that you may want to read. For example, Michael J. Bradley, Ed.D. has written a number of books including, “Yes, Your Teen Is Crazy!” and “When Things Get Crazy With Your Teen.”

We all want our teenagers to grow up happy, healthy and wise. Don’t let a few bad choices keep them from having the future that you know they deserve.

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