Grants and Scholarships for Minorities

Some grants and scholarships are provided strictly for assistance to minorities or for minority issues. Federal, state, local, university, private and other grants and scholarships are available for everything from education to business development.

  • Native American / Indian Tribes / Alaskan
    • Federal Program 10.421 Indian Tribes and Tribal Corporation Loans exists to assist Indian tribes acquire land within reservations thru direct loan funds.
    • Federal Program 11.801 Native American Program started in 1971 assists with business development through project grants.
    • Scholarships – There are all sorts of scholarships to be found, a few include:
      • Pennsylvania’s Juniata College’s North American Indian Fund offers undergraduate awards.
      • Presbyterian Church Native American Seminary Scholarship is for Religion/Theology majors.
      • Alabama Indian Affairs Commission offers scholarships to seven federally recognized Alabama Indian tribes.


      • Federal Program 10.223 Hispanic Serving Institutions Education Grants through the Dept of Agriculture’s objective is to promote higher education programs in food and agricultural sciences.
      • Federal Program 14.514 Hispanic Serving Institutions Assisting Communities thru HUD began in 2009 to assist with higher education in addressing community development needs through project grants.
      • Scholarships – As the Hispanic population increases, so does the availability of scholarships. For example:
        • The American Association of Hispanic Certified Public Accountants in San Antonio TX offers scholarships to accounting majors for undergraduates and graduate students.
        • Hispanic College Fund
        • The Mas Family Scholarship through the Cuban American National Foundation offers scholarships in Engineering, Business, International relations, Economics, Communications, and Journalism for Cuban-Americans.
  • Women
    • Federal Program 93.591 Family Violence and Services / Grants for Battered Women’s Shelters provides formula grants to support programs and services to prevent domestic violence and assist victims.
    • Federal Program 93.110 Maternal and Child Health Federal Consolidated Program used project grants to carry out special maternal and child health projects including Autism, Heritable Disorders, Congenital Conditions, Hemophilia and other health issues.
    • Scholarships – Various scholarships are available for women, some for all women and others for single mothers or other disadvantaged women. For example:
      • Horizons Scholarship Fund offers $500 awards in a number of fields.
      • The Girls Going Places Scholarship offers awards from $1,000 to $10,000 each year. Applicants submit an essay on one of three topics.
      • Many companies also offer scholarships – such as Calgon, Avon, Talbot, and Glamour.

Grants and scholarships for minorities are available for many more minorities groups than are included in this article. For example, there are scholarships for International scholars such as Portuguese, Polish, Japanese, Irish, and Chinese. There are Scholarships for African Americans. Even if you don’t think of yourself as a minority, if you are considering getting a college education, you might just want to check out the various websites available – you might just find that little bit of Italian you got from your great grandfather might just get you some assistance!

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