Graduate Study Scholarships

There’s a lot of graduate study scholarships for those who are interested in expanding their education in some kind of profession. Here are some of the graduate study scholarships that you may be able to qualify for when you are planning to go to graduate school.

Gates Millennium Scholarship

This first one of the graduate study scholarships is offered to those graduate students who are minorities and who have financial need. to qualify, a student has to have a GPA of 3.3 on a 4.0 scale that’s unweighted. The minorities that are considered for this scholarship are Alaska Native/American Indian, Hispanic American, Asian Pacific Islander, or African American. The awards are for those graduate students who study science, education, library science, and math. It’s a scholarship that renews until the person graduates.

FORE Undergraduate and Graduate Merit Scholarships

Those students who are graduates and who are concentrating on managing health information or a field that’s related might find that they’re eligible for applying for the graduate merit scholarship.  The range of the scholarship amounts go from $1,000-$5,000. Those who apply have to be a member of the AHIMA and have at least a 3.0 GPA.

North American Interfraternal Foundation

This foundation is for fraternity and sorority members and it provides scholarships to those members. The awards of scholarships are related to positively promoting Greek Life. More information can be found at the foudnation’s website found here:

The Fulbright Program

This program is for those students that want to either do research or study abroad. The program for scholarships is administered through the office of the United States Secretary of State. Each of the programs is for a year.  The preference is given to those applicants that haven’t lived in the country where they’re studying for over 6 months. More information is found here:

These graduate study scholarships all are for different groups of students but they are also are all created to do the same thing – to make going to graduate school a little less expensive for students.   Graduate study scholarships are something that have helped a lot of graduate students to go to school and expand their education, and to make things better for them and their families. Because when you have a better education, you are going to have more opportunities that are opening up to you to make more money and better job openings.


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