Government Grants for Unemployed

Because the grant application process takes quite a bit of time, it is advisable not to wait till you’ve gone through that severance pay, unemployment benefits and all your savings before you start the process. From day one you should look into grants for unemployed to retrain. Depending on the industry and circumstances you may qualify for federal educational grants for the recently unemployed.

  • NAFTA-Transitional Adjustment Assistance – This program was established under NAFTA in 1993 to address the concern that some workers would lose their jobs due to companies shifting production to Mexico or Canada. So, if you have been partially or totally laid off due to a shift in production, you should check out this program. The program has a number of elements to it, including:

    • Income Support

    • Training

    • Reemployment Services

    • Rapid Response Assistance

    • Job Search and Relocation Allowances

  • Assistance for Specific Categories. Government grants for unemployed are sometimes specific in nature, such as grants for unemployed veterans, the disabled, or field. Examples:

    • Federal Program 17.720 Employment Programs for People with Disabilities provides assistance through cooperative agreements to nonprofit organizations that in turn use those funds to assist the disabled.

    • Federal Program 27.002 Federal Employment Assistance for Veterans assists Veterans in obtaining federal employment.

    • Federal Program 27.006 Federal Summer Employment provides federal employment during the summer for college and high school students.

    • Federal Program 17.264 Migrant and Seasonal Farmworkers provides assistance in the form of job training and other employability development services in the form of Formula Grants to agencies that assist agricultural labor that is characterized by chronic unemployment and underemployment.

  • Scholarships. For those that would benefit from a crossover into another industry that may not be as plagued with unemployment, going to college or a trade school may be the answer. But, if you recently became unemployed you are probably wondering how to afford tuition. The answer is the wide variety of scholarships available – some of which are provided specifically for the unemployed. A good start it to check with the schools in your area to see what they know about; some may even offer free or reduced tuition to recently laid-off workers. Additionally some industries that are lacking in enough trained personnel are offering funds to those that train in their industry.

Obviously the sooner you pick yourself up and dust yourself off, the quicker you can affect an improvement in your circumstance. Whether you take this situation as a catastrophe or an opportunity is up to you.

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