Fun Scholarships

Even though scholarships are usually all about the grades and other things, there are fun scholarships that you can apply for. Listed below are some of the fun scholarships that are available for students to apply for to help them pay for college.

United States Bowling Congress Scholarships


For those who liked to bowl, there are quite a few scholarships that are available to bowling contest winners across the country. There are also scholarships that are available for students in high school who want to bowl while in college.  The amounts of the scholarship vary.  You can find out more information at the official website found here:


Tall Clubs International Scholarships

Even though most of the scholarships that are available are based either on need or merit, this one is based on height.  In order to qualify for a scholarship, the student has to be a woman who is at least 5’10” or a man who is 6’ 2”.  It’s also required that they’re sponsored by a member of the club..

Duck Brand Stuck at Prom Scholarship Contest

This one of the fun scholarships is for people who love duct tape and who are interested in wearing something a little different to their prom.  Create a tuxedo and a dress for you and your date for the prom and submit the pictures and you will be in competition for either $5,000, $3,000, or $2,000. Think of it this way. You’ll be saving some money and making a fashion statement.  Find out more information here:

Chick and Sophie Major Memorial Duck Calling Contests

Even though it’s not something that might be considered a really cool skil, if you are able to duck skills you can earn some money for college through these contests. There are scholarships for first, second, third places, and fourth places – $2,000 for first, $1,000 for second, $750 for third, and $500 for fourth place. The place of the contest is Stuttgart, Arkansas and it’s open to all the seniors in high school.

These are four fun scholarships that can help seniors to get some money for college. Getting money for college doesn’t always have to be about the grades. It can be based on something really fun, as these fun scholarships can simply show. When you know that you don’t have the brains and you aren’t exactly financially needy, then you might find that the fun scholarships are the ones to look at.


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