Four Places to go for College Grants for Married Women

It can be hard to balance marriage and college, but with college grants for married women it doesn’t have to be something that is expensive. A lot of o programs for college scholarships recognize wifely and academic duties.  There are college grants for married women that are for anything from veterinary medicine to law.  Here are some of the college grants for married women that are available.

Family Scholarship University of Oklahoma

Students who are dedicated are really good candidates to get college grants for married women. There are awards from the University of Oklahoma for juniors and seniors that are full time students and are going to the College of Business. The applicants have to be married, have a minimum of one child that’s dependent on them, and work at least 20 hours weekly.  They also have to have a GPA that is above average, according to the college’s standards.
Kathy Kardish Wilson Memorial Education Fund

This scholarship fund is one that’s available for the women who are married and live in either Ohio, Pennsylvania, or New York. The applicants have to be going after studies that are post-secondary, and things that go into the selection process are financial need and academic achievement.  The average of the awards are approximately $830 a student.

Thanks USA

This scholarship awards $3,000 to the spouses of military personnel that are active duty. The applicants have to be enrolled on a full time basis in either a two or four year university, vocational, technical, or college, and they also have to have at least a 2.0 GPA.  The recipients of the scholarship are selected on the following: academic record, financial need, participating in community and local school activities, and community leadership.
John R. Heflin Memorial Scholarship

Women who are married and studying law are thought to be great candidates for college grants for married women. There are annual scholarships that are available for graduate students that attend part time at the Northern Kentucky University and that are in the Chase College of Law. The applicants have to either have family responsibilities or be married. They also have to show promise in the law field. The amount and the number will vary.

These are four of the places that a woman can go for college grants for married women. Married women don’t have to worry about having to pay for college. All they have to do is look for the opportunities.

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